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WAN, LAN, Wireless, Network Security/Firewall, VOIP Engineering

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What we offer

Network Management

Have confidence in the network that you work on. Our biggest focus is the network reliability and functionality that meets your needs.

VOIP/phone systems

Phone systems are linked between each device online. VOIP offers the reliability small business owners need.

Network Security

Send and receive data without worry of it falling in the wrong hands. We manage your network with Firewalls and VPNs. This ensures your information’s safety and security.

Security Systems

State of the art surveillance systems with night vision and optical zoom capabilities. Guard your most prized possessions with confidence.

Image of database racks upholding a networks infrastructure.

How We Can Help

The advancement of technology in the last few years has been exponential. Don’t get caught behind because you don’t know how to use/implement the technology necessary to operate your business. Our newest managed services installations have even had 5G capabilities. which help business owners more properly utilize their networks capacities. Slow networks can lead a business to lose revenue.

Customers won’t need to worry about maintaining and optimizing their services. We’ve got you covered.

Business Consulting

Wayne Technologies offers free consultations for your businesses IT solutions. We ensure our clients are adequately serviced.


Our professionals will ensure that your products are properly installed and implemented for optimal efficiency.


You won’t be left hanging once your service has been implemented.

Turnkey solutions for any business

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