Fiber is Here

Wayne technologies is now offering fiber to the rural residents of Southwest Michigan!

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What’s happening and when
Fiber is coming to Fulton Michigan.

Stage 1 (ROW)
Stage 2 (FTTH)
Stage 3 (Installation)

Right of Way (ROW) Fiber Construction: (Current)
Wayne Technologies, as an Internet Communications Utility, has been permitted to install fiber optics in the right of way (ROW) by the Kalamazoo County Road Commission. The ROW is 33′ from the centerline of the road and is an easement controlled by the road commission. Our crews will be lawfully working in this space.

Fiber to the home (FTTH) Construction: (Tentative June-July)
FTTH Construction will bring the fiber from the ROW property line to your home. If you pre-sign up, we will construct the FTTH for free (up to 200′ from the road). You are not obligated to purchase Internet service from Wayne Technologies. Taking advantage of the pre-sign-up period’s free FTTH construction will save you or future homeowners construction cost of installing fiber from the ROW to your home.

Fiber Internet installation and service: (Tentative August)
Once the fiber is installed to your home (FTTH), you may sign up for Internet Services. To bring our internet service into your home, we will need to install it inside the home. During the pre-sign-up period get FREE installation. Installation includes the equipment you need to access the internet.

Our Installation Pricing

Fiber to the home/internet installation


Fiber to the home installation, as well as internet installation/services offered by
Wayne Technologies.

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Our Fiber Internet Plans

Fiber to the home


100/MBPS speeds with no data cap.

Fiber to the home


150/MBPS speeds with no data cap

Fiber to the home


250/MBPS speeds with no data cap

Frequently asked questions

What is Fiber to the Home (FTTH)?

FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home): With this connection, broadband provides run the internet cable directly to the homes that help to offer fastest internet speed round the clock with strong connectivity.

What is Right of Way (ROW)?

The right-of-way (ROW) concept was created to provide adequate space on either side of the road for storm drainage and a safe
recovery area for vehicles that leave the road surface.
Of the 75 percent of roads controlled by a county road agency, the road commission or department has full jurisdiction of a
permanent easement which is typically 66’ROW.

The legal definition
MCL 221.20, PA 283 of 1909:
“All highways regularly established in pursuance of existing laws, all roads that shall have
been used as such for 10 years or more, whether any record or other proof exists that they
were ever established as highways or not, and all roads which have been or which may
hereafter be laid out and not recorded, and which shall have been used 8 years or more,
shall be deemed public highways, subject to be altered or discontinued according to the
provisions of this act. All highways that are or that may become such by time and use, shall
be four rods (66 feet) in width, and where they are situated on section or quarter section
lines, such lines shall be the center of such roads, and the land belonging to such roads
shall be two rods (33 feet) in width on each side of such lines.”

What is the cost of opting for fiber through Wayne Technologies?

Our pricing is unbeatable, see the charts above!

Even if you are not interested in Fiber Internet services through Wayne Technologies, you may benefit from free Fiber to The Home installation (during the pre-sign up period only, up to 200′). In the future, if you or a property owner is interested in Wayne Technologies Fiber, you will save the cost of FTTH installation that would otherwise be charged.

Does everyone have to sign up with Wayne Technologies Internet?

You may choose not to have Fiber installed to your home. No action is required from you.

Another option is to have the Fiber installed to your home and get fiber fast internet from Wayne Technologies.

Are there cheaper Internet Plans?

Wayne Technologies offers various occupational discounts. Some include, military/veteran status, teachers, nurses, first responders and more. Send us a message to see if you qualify!